Latest news and projects:

Collaboration zebrix & I3 technologies

From now on, the Zebrix Inc. digital signage solution can also be used in combination with the i3-Technologies interactive displays.

You are able now to show also your announcements, upcoming events, emergency messages and school or company information on the i3TOUCH EX displays.
For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me, Zebrix Inc. or i3-Technologies.

Project Extensa in Brussels

Really proud that Zebrix Inc. digital signage has been selected for the implementation of a campus wide digital signage network at Extensa Group, Tour & Taxis in Brussels.

Together with our partners Screen Services nv/sa and Samsung Electronics, a network of about 20 networked screens was installed to optimize the indoor and outdoor communication for their employees and visitors.
If you also want a state-of-the-art digital signage installation, don't hesitate to contact us.

Project at Bruges (Bulskampveld)

Full outdoor totem with a 55inch high brightness screen controlled from the zebrix cms system via 4G connection.

QSR project for Belchicken (Belgium)

Belchicken a Belgian-Turkish chain chooses Zebrix Inc. digital signage, Samsung Electronics and our partner ThisPlays2 to manage their digital menu boards and window displays.
The digital menu boards make it possible to adapt the images very quickly with local and temporary promotions. The window displays give even more visibility to the story and the offer of Belchicken from the street.
Belchicken is a Belgian-Turkish chain that already has several branches not only in cities such as Brussels and Antwerp, but also in the Netherlands and Germany.
Currently Belchicken already has 14 restaurants and another 22 are planned to open soon.

Roularta Optilocal Advertising network

Roularta Optilocal was looking for a digital signage solution to display digital media on screens in combination with advertising.

After extensive market research, Roularta selected Zebrix digital signage solution because of its extensive possibilities around scheduling of advertising space, user friendliness and reporting possibilities of the media played and advertising sold.

Currently there are already 300 screens installed in Flanders. Further expansion is planned in the future.

Kinepolis Cinema's Europe 

Kinepolis selected zebrix digital signage for the Integration of a european wide digital signage network ( The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Spain, Switzerland and Poland.)

Today they manage through the Zebrix content management system  +-1000 displays from their Headquarters but every country and cinema can add local content to the global playlist.

There is also a link to their internal ticketing system so that the sale of cinema tickets automatically appears on the screens, in combination with promotions around drinks, popcorn and merchandising.

French fries restaurants in Belgium.

Integration of digital signage within French fries restaurants. Use of Zebrix digital signage solution to control +950 samsung Professional displays.


Integration of digital signage within SPAR COLRUYT. Use of Zebrix digital signage solution and samsung Professional displays.

Integration of digital signage within SPAR COLRUYT. Use of Zebrix digital signage solution and samsung Professional displays.


Integration of digital signage within all bank agencies of BNP PARIBAS & FINTRO. Use of Zebrix digital signage solution to control samsung Professional displays.

Inauguration of the Pitaya Thaï Street Food (Belgium)

The Zebrix Inc. digital menu boarding solution has been chosen again in collaboration with Zebrix CMS and Samsung Electronics 

Total Raffinaderij Antwerp

... one of the most modern and diversified refineries in Europe and the largest in Belgium, has chosen to equip all their industrial buildings with
Zebrix Inc. digital signage solution
in combination with
Samsung Electronics professional screens.
Integration has been carried out by the zebrix certified partner pixxan.
The network will consist of +60 networked displays and LED walls over the 3 platforms. 

P&V Insurance Belgium

Zebrix Inc. digital signage, in partnership with ThisPlays2 and Samsung Electronics has been selected again by P&V INSURANCES to implement a country wide digital signage network.
The network comprises +150 networked high brightness displays across all branches in Belgium.